Absenteeism is a phenomenon characterized by the absence of an employee from work for a certain period of time, without justification.

There are various forms in which it manifests absenteeism: misuse of the Law permits no. 104/92 to use periods of absence citing personal reasons for absences covered up by colleagues.

This phenomenon affects private companies and public bodies, and in many cases find a solution in the investigative agencies that are called upon to investigate and ascertain the actual employee absenteeism.

Absenteeism: Madia changes introduced by decree in the public sector

The decree n Madia. 116/2016, which came into force on 13 July 2016, has introduced more stringent measures for civil servants who abuse permission to be absent from the workplace. The legislation introduces the “disciplinary accelerated procedure” according to which, if it is established absenteeism of the employee, the manager can report the fact and suspend the worker within 48 hours was recorded, corrispondendogli only a maintenance allowance. The disciplinary procedure must then be completed within 30 days, after which if the employee does not put forward valid reasons for the misbehavior, is fired.

The decree, however, is not limited only to employees, but also includes the responsibility of the manager, who may face heavy penalties if, in the presence of an employee absenteeism, no complains.

Absenteeism: act as investigative agencies

Among the more delegated powers to the investigative agencies absenteeism it is one of the most frequent. Several companies use the activity carried out by an investigator to investigate suspicious employees to be absent from the workplace without good reason and to ensure that this is a true case of absenteeism.

The action of investigation carried out by an investigator is performed through control actions of times to document the assenteistici worker’s behavior, which in many cases can also hide a second work or even another professional activity at competing companies.

It is therefore crucial role played by the investigative agencies with their business collect valid evidence to use in court during the causes of dismissal .