Some 1,200 per year, or three a day and one every eight hours: these are alarming figures about the number of attacks suffered by Italian doctors. And two out of three victims are women.

To make known is the National Federation of Associations of Physicians and Dentists. That comprised between midnight and six in the morning appears the most dangerous timeslot: in fact, 65% of attacks are concentrated in these six hours, 20% between 20 and midnight, while 15% between 6 and 20.

Record of assaults in Puglia

Puglia is the first region for more sustained incidence of assaults on the total (26%), followed by Sicily (16%).

A very worrying picture, so that doctors would have asked for the intervention and the Police Headquarters, as well as taking personal bodyguard , especially for home visits.

Who is the bodyguard?

To provide this type of services are mainly specialized agencies in the field of security, which is increasingly being required to operate in the public sphere, as well as private.

The bodyguard – or close protection expert – is a professional who has as its objective the protection of the person. Its target is usually a subject particularly exposed to interfering attempts, threats or attacks. His task is delicate because it must be able to work in synergy with the person or the target which is called upon to protect; Therefore, those who have a personal protection service must meet specific requirements and a high preparation where is confronted with dangerous situations.