They made us dream of leaving us glued to the TV the joke for entire afternoons and evenings. From America to Italy, the characters of the TV series of the 80s and 90s have marked an entire era, leaving the collective image of a very exciting detective, funny, often charming but sometimes embarrassed and afraid. compelling characters that recur today in our thoughts always leaving a pleasant memory. 

1. With the exception of Charlie’s Angels and Murder, She Wrote,  private detectives are almost always men. But they, the Charlie’s Angels were the three wonderful women with sensuality and beauty enchanted generations. The TV of the 80 series was produced by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg, and in the first three angels were cast: Kate Jackson (played by Sabrina Duncan), Jill Munroe (played by Farrah Fawcett) and Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) . 

2. No one will ever forget the class of Murder, She Wrote , better known as Jessica Fletcher, the character played by Angela Lansbury, who in the role of a retired teacher, chooses to become a writer – detective and able to expose deceit, betrayal and murder . 

 blacks mustache and flowered shirt in typical Hawaiian style, Tom Selleck played for years in the role of Thomas Sullivan Magnum PI , a highly successful TV series of the 80s who recently returned to television by popular demand. Former marine , Thomas Magnum moved in Hawaii where, thanks to a special knowledge made, lives in a luxurious mansion and drives a Ferrari devoting most of his time to private investigations.

4. The detective Roger Rubbit, Eddie Valiant, is among the exceptions to the 80 In the movie and in the series, Valiant is a penniless detective from the extremely cantankerous and grumpy character, addicted to alcohol and often suffer from bouts of depression. Its task is to expose the betrayal of a wife but you will soon find in front of Jessica Rubbit and her red dress enchant him. 

5. The scruffy style and seemingly distracted are the innovative elements of Columbo, the American series which for nearly 40 years has depopulated all over the world with an unprecedented success. Peter Falk, irreplaceable interpreter of Latin American police officer of the Homicide Squad of the Police Department of Los Angeles, has been since then the detective stereotype tired, beige coat and cigar in hand. And the mystery is revealed. 

6. And thinking stereotypes of detective certainly can not forget the magic of gray trench ‘ Inspector Gadget . He could get out of just about everything from his pockets and his head. Clumsy as few gadgets have mistaken them almost all its cases, committing outrageous mistakes but mysteriously failing to find the truth. And thanks to the precious help of his gadgets and his most tender allies: his niece Penny and Good dog. 

7. We come to us, in more recent times and more comical course he arrives, Jim Carrey, the Pet Detective Ace Ventura, Pet Detective to. An investigator Private certainly sui generis who lives in Miami, and specializes in the discovery of pets suffering abuse or malice. 

8.  Hercule Poirot is Belgian and has arrived in the UK, in the small village of St. Mary Style, as a refugee during World War II. In his native country, Poirot was police inspector, and when the owner of Styles Court was murdered, Poirot offers to find the culprit of the murder. And ‘so that the history of the most famous character of Agatha Christie  begins. Mr. Poirot has had a long and distinguished career as a private investigator and his example is still followed. 

9. We are about to conclude this journey through time with a personaggione , the private detective Jack Costello, better known as Detective Exstralarge . He is Bud Spencer, and his is the television series distributed between 1991 and 1993 in Italy that tells of an ex-policeman and amateur jazz saxophonist who decides to dedicate his life to unravel the crimes of Miami. 

10. We close with one who needs no introduction. The series is the latest and closes 90’s We like to present it in this photo, by the sea he loves and the panorama that helps him each time to think best to find the solution to every mystery.

He is the Commissioner Montalbano .