Not everyone knows that detective agency can also provide anti-shoplifting.

Most people, in fact, associated with the anti-shoplifting to those physical devices that is attached to the merchandise in stores and that, in case of theft, actuate the alarm in the shape of metal doors of arc placed at the exit.

In fact there is the investigative branch that deals precisely locate and ascertain the causes, also for accounting purposes, the inventory shortages in the commercial sector.

Detective shoplifting is done through the collection of information retrieved directly at the customer’s premises, by highly qualified personnel. It is therefore of very complex investigation activity, you need to identify precisely the causes of the shortage of goods, the year commercial departments most affected by these phenomena and adoptable remedies to avoid them.

The purpose of this particular service is not repressive, even if it includes any reports of thefts having a connotation a posteriori verification; we can say rather that it has a deterrent purpose, since it has the task of suggesting to the strategies, techniques or methods of managing the customer to avoid shortages.

Recall that this activity is regulated by the Ministerial Decree n. 269/2010, which distinguishes the private security shoplifting dall’antitaccheggio investigation. That in a nutshell, in the first case, the vigilante has the task of preventing theft in direct or indirect manner, ie asking the intervention of police forces; in the second case, instead, the agent investigator operates with discretion, collecting information and offers the customer the means of intervention to prevent this from happening.