New measures 
Lately we often hear about the so-called “scoundrels of the card.” How to fight this scourge? A new feature that is doing discuss is the stamping machine fingerprint in public administration. The case comes from Santa Margherita Ligure, near Genoa, where the City Council has decided to install the fingerprint readers to ferret out the dishonest workers.

How does it work? And ‘legal? 
With this system, the employee stamping the badge closer to the detector and placing the finger on the biometric reader fingerprints. The fingerprint matching between fingerprint contained in the badge and read enable stamping. However it is up to the Privacy whether this control system is legal or not.

The Authority, in fact, it has already expressed on a similar case, by detecting the unlawful use of biometric data of the dependent personnel and, in fact, by prohibiting the further processing of the data to verify the presence / absence of the staff (to Under articles 154, paragraph 1, lett. d), 144 and 143, paragraph 1, lett. c) of the Privacy Act).

The false stamping card, remember, is one of the cases where the employer can proceed to termination for cause, after collection of elements in the infringement is proof. For this purpose, also the investigative support may be decisive, as reiterated several times by the Supreme Court in at least a score of cases over the past five years.