In less than two years he would have scored, according to the indictment, about fifty road insurance frauds, cheating doctors that they issued the certificates. It happened to Mantua, where a 40-year old has to answer fraud, forgery, material and slander. The prosecutor asked for him a sentence of six years in prison.

The discovery of the deception

The man had developed a well-proven system, so as to be able to circumvent several companies including Axa, Groupama, Generali, Zurich and others. He not demanded large sums, but at some point the insurance companies have insospettite and have turned to a detective agency to ascertain how much truth there was in those accidents. And so he is coming off the scam.

Insurance investigations

More and more businesses rely on private investigators. The sector of the insurance investigation, in fact, is booming, especially since companies have an obligation to submit to the Institute for the supervision of insurance a detailed report on anti-fraud activities.

Check with investigative agencies so it’s also a way to protect customers, as private investigators, managing to unmask the fraud, enable companies to not liquidate damage that otherwise would weigh inevitably on all insured.