We have already spoken at the last Congress of the National Bar which was held in Catania last October and has seen us as protagonists of the event partners.

Today we return the topic to announce that the bill which states explicitly the role of the lawyer in the Constitution have been filed in the Senate by the majority.

To say it was the President of the National Bar Council Andrea Mascherin who said: ” This gives us hope for a speedy parliamentary process involving all political forces and which will be driven by an Advocacy united and compact .”

The bill was presented by leaders in the Senate League, Massimiliano Romeo and M5S, Stefano Patuanelli and was announced by the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Andrea Ostellari. But, said the President: “It is a bill which must give the Minister of Justice Bonafede who had already engaged in Catania to take the initiative.”

The important news came just as in Rome these days took place the additional session of Forensic XXXIV National Congress , under the high patronage of the European Parliament.

The capital has received nearly a thousand lawyers, including delegates and conventioneers, to discuss the protection of citizens’ rights and the Code of Criminal Procedure Reform. The focus of the utmost sat advocacy also the names of those legal now in danger as Nasrin Sotoudeh , the Iranian lawyer sentenced to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes for having defended human rights in Iran.

“A free and independent lawyer – said the President – is the necessary condition for an autonomous jurisdiction and the freedom.” 

Recall that the proposal to amend Article 111 wants to guarantee more freedom and lawyer independence and the need for technical defense. The project recognizes the role played journalistic advocacy, but in respect of the free nature of the legal profession.

Article. 111 arrives today in the Senate with two more paragraphs: ” In the process the parties are assisted by one or more lawyers. The lawyer has the function of ensuring the effectiveness of the protection of rights and the inviolable right to defense. In cases specifically provided by law you can regardless of patronage lawyer, provided it is not adversely affected the effectiveness of judicial protection. The lawyers carry out their professional activities in the position of freedom, autonomy and independence . “

Finally let us recall that it was in Catania at the national event that just to Phersei microphones other than the Chairman Mascherin, there have been a number of lawyers who have recalled and emphasized their position on today’s needs of the world and advocacy of justice.

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