The services of mobile phones reclamation carried out by Phersei have as their objective the detection of bugs and bugs present in your phone to spy or steal confidential information both private and business. The advent of increasingly sophisticated technologies in the telecommunications sector, such as smartphones and tablets, people exposed to high risks of espionage. Today may be very simple groped to steal, even fraudulently, personal private information or information of a corporate strategic interest from third parties in order to use them to get an unfair advantage.

Do you suspect that someone spy on your phone calls through the bugs for mobile? Do you fear that your phone is under control and that someone listen to your conversations with an audio bug? Ask for remediation services bugs and protect yourself from those who want to acquire information fraudulently.

The installation of a spy software on smartphones and tablets can be a very simple practice. These software allow third parties to remotely gain (ie at a distance and without physical access to your smartphone or tablet) personal or business sensitive information such as conversations, sms or mms both inbound and outbound. The installation of the spy software requires a very short time (less than a few minutes) after which those who wish to spy on you will have full access to your information, and those of your partners, private or company.

Reclamation mobile phones, why do them?

The acquisition of confidential information through the use of spy software for smartphones constitutes a blatant violation of existing legislation (Law no. 98 Art. 615 bis .; art. 617 bis. Of 08.04.1974 Criminal Code and Art. 226 of the Criminal Procedure Code on confidentiality of privacy and fraudulent interception of communications; in addition the law n. 675 of 31/12/1996 on the collection of personal data and the violation of the right to privacy. There are also undue use of information in the field of unfair competition , the disclosure of confidential information, etc.).

If you suspect that on your phone or smartphone spy software can be installed and that there may be motivated or interested in acquiring your personal information is of a private nature or professional interest is to draw undue profit, we suggest you work in specialists able to make a reclamation bugging your phone, and protect you from any risk arising from the possible presence of bugs for mobile.

Our organization specializes in analyzing professional technique and mobile phones reclamation and smartphone spy software.

If you intend to continue availing of our advice and technical analysis it will be necessary to deliver the phone at our offices complete with battery, power cord and without access password.

The cell rehabilitation will require a minimum of 16 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. E ‘need to agree on whether the delivery is the withdrawal of the phone.

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