For seven out of 10 Italians bullying it is growing. The cause – according to almost half of respondents (45%) – is to be found in the “big sounding board provided by social media”, while 26% believe that the growth is due to the constant “climate of incitement to hatred and this discrimination in the media “.

For an Italian out of four, bullying has always been present and there are no major differences compared to the past, but an increase in complaints. These are the findings from the survey “Italians and discrimination” made by Amnesty International in collaboration with Doxa, to photograph the thought of compatriots on these phenomena.

The study was carried out on a representative sample of the adult Italian population of a thousand people interviewed online.

The case

Emblematic the case of Ferrara dad who has found himself having to escort the 13 year old son after school, because targeted and threatened in recent weeks by a group of boys.

The boy’s family has filed five complaints in a fortnight to the police. The gangs would be composed of four minors who are supposedly also terrorizing the other son of man and several other students.

The decision to turn to a detective agency

When you are in front of bullying, it is important not to overlook the suspicions of abnormal behavior or attitudes assumed by the minor. For this reason, more and more families decide to contact a detective agency.

Through thorough research of sources of evidence or elements of truth, in fact, the agency’s investigations can be a strategic tool for the protection of the child in danger. Those who work in this field does camouflaging itself among the people, not to attract attention, but always remaining ready to intervene if necessary.