As we explained in our last feature article, today’s private investigations are experiencing exponential growth in demand especially in the corporate sector. The fastest growing services, including in Italy, are those that concern the protection of “business intelligence.” 

Many companies rely on private investigators to protect or enhance their data assets related business intelligence.

Understanding how competitors behave, what their positioning strategies allows you to better choose and before the future of their company, acquiring a huge strategic power for market entry.

The choices may relate to the marketing industry, economic and the managerial policy. Knowing and understanding the potential or strengths or weaknesses of competition can be strategically determined to achieve the main goal. 

The work of a private investigator is important in both the prevention stage and in the protection. Through specific actions, on the one hand he seeks to protect the company from possible internal or external attacks and on the other facilitates the entry into new markets, encouraging their growth.   

Business intelligence can be defined as the set of business processes that collect data and analyze strategic information, the technology used and the information obtained as a result of these processes. Likewise it can be understood as the process of ” transforming data and information into knowledge ” to use in strategic decision-making processes, so that these are supported by consistent, current and highly accurate. 

Although the scientific theory of these processes is advanced today and still being implemented, a private investigator is well known individual operations, structured and easily determined. 

With 13789 judgment of 2011, in fact, even the Supreme Court has ruled on the legitimacy of the employer controls the employee’s unfaithful behavior. The ‘Article 2 of the Workers’ Statute does not prohibit the use by the employer to private investigative agencies “without justified the intervention in question not only for the successful commission of crimes and the need to verify its contents, but also because of the mere suspicion or mere hypothesis that the offenses are running. “ 

But what do they consist of business intelligence protection activities? 

It starts from a preliminary phase of data collection and processing. Harvesting is done by analysis of different documents produced: archives, records, interviews, questionnaires, public contracts, reports and analysis. The processing allows you to check the reliability of information and evidence.

And finally, it is in the drafting of the final report that it comes to achieving the objective: the answer to the primary question.  The investigative agency  Phersei work in the business sector by offering numerous services around the world.

Among these services, our operators are involved in:  

  • Unfair competition;
  • Industrial Counterintelligence;
  • Infidelity employees;
  • Infidelity members;
  • Absenteeism employees in the company;
  • Escape corporate strategic news;
  • Counterfeit brands;
  • Tamper industry.