Separate and mother of a 4 year old daughter is addressed to the agency to carry out the investigation on former husband, as it is convinced that the same during the days in which has custody of their child neglect it, leaving it almost always his paternal grandmother to go out with friends.




South American Citizen, works at a transport company and received by the Court custody of her daughter for three afternoons a week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) beginning from 16:00 kindergarten, until after dinner, when the riaccompagna home of the mother.


The purpose of the service is to find evidence to show that the surveillance has no real interest in spending time with his daughter, entrusting it almost always paternal grandmother, and then get exclusive foster care by the mother.

In accordance with the client we have the dynamic viewing controls to the specified days, starting from kindergarten from 15:30 until 21:00 hours when the child is taken back to his mother’s house.


During the control period the agents tested and documented with photographs and videos, that man has always gone to take the child along with the paternal grandmother aboard a van XXXXXXX. While the subject is always left on the vehicle, the grandmother has taken in fact the child and then climbed back of the van. All times, the younger has never been secured on the seat or with the d safety belts, but has always remained sitting on the legs of the grandmother with severe risk of injury in the event of sudden braking or an accident.

 Once close to the house, the girl and her grandmother fell and entered in the home, while the supervised walked away with the van, going inside the bar XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX site where he joined his fellow countrymen.

 Man has always returned home at about 20:30, then with her mother accompanied her daughter in XXXXXXX at the home of former partner.


As a result of the documentation, the customer was able to prove in court that her former husband in the period of custody of the daughter did not mind her, preferring to spend time with friends and endangering his physical safety (while driving ), all behavior inappropriate and incompatible with custody of the child.

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