He who speaks evil of the company he works for on Facebook is subject to termination for cause.

This is established by a Supreme Court judgment (Civil, sect. Work No. 10280/2018), which rejected the appeal of a woman who was dismissed for publishing a derogatory post on Facebook.

Although the post was not specify the company name, stoats have confirmed what was already decided at first instance by the Court of Forlì and on appeal by the Court of Appeal of Bologna, or that the company was easily identifiable.

At the base of the dismissal, therefore, their statements in which she expressed “contempt”: “I broke ****** ic of this place of m *** e to the property,” he wrote on Facebook.

According to the ruling, the dissemination of a defamatory message through the social network “realizes publicizing it to the suitability of the medium used (…) with the result that if – as in this case – the same is offensive to the easily identifiable persons, its conduct meets the criteria in the defamation and as such properly demeanor was evaluated in terms of the just cause of the withdrawal, as appropriate to sever the bond of trust in the working relationship. “

Social networks are not private diaries and what it says on the web is considered to be public. An employer, in fact, may apply to a detective agency that, availing enabled forensic experts, is able to analyze any digital type specimen, in order to gather information that can be used as part of a judicial process.