To tell the story we are proposing today is a few days  Il Giornale di Brescia . It is a paradox that it is actually very common in Italy, concerns the abuse of a private detective and often pushes us to reflect on the need to protect themselves and protect yourself. 

The story

Eight people, husbands and wives from different pairs, they are in fact phony entrusted to the professionalism of the owner of a computer store to spy on their spouses. According tells Brescia newspaper, the partners would be willing to pay even 70 thousand euro to find evidence of the alleged betrayal of wife or husband.

Too bad that instead of a private investigator, the 57-year old consultant, think it would be just the owner of a computer store in his back room had even set up a real center of investigations that also made use of the collaboration of 6 people.

In order to fulfill the commission of his clients, the shopkeeper asked its customers to give their partners of special mobile phones that were able to intercept all phone calls made and received.

The complaint

To reveal the scam was the Guardia di Finanza, aware of some illegal wiretapping, promptly discovered the fake detective and beyond. Accused in fact, now there would be employees of the merchant accused of criminal association and illegal exercise of the profession investigator. 

The comment of Marzio Ferrario Director

The story, though not new to the industry, however, brings our attention to the need, more than ever a priority, closer scrutiny by the relevant institutions and a greater protection of the profession . The identification badge (still under the magnifying lens of the government and institutions) is now more important than ever.

If you look for an investigator, you’re the first to investigate its true professional identity, just very little.

And beware: Beware of imitations!