You have a problem and you have to choose a detective agency or a private investigator who rely to solve it?

The investigative agency market is very varied; the majority is generally “sectorialized” and not very structured.

Instead, those who have diverse organization can diversify their areas of intervention, resulting in effective and efficient in many circumstances.

This factor is very important especially in the aspect of information security, as – relying on a single highly structured reality – you avoid risks related to the leak.

As an agency should be structured?

structured investigative agency should consist of an operational and managerial team of professionals who can demonstrate their competence; the most reliable way that makes absolutely reliable professional is represented by origin by the police.

It is also relevant to the frequency of training and refresher courses on investigation techniques.

Another decisive factor is characterized by the contacts and the sources of information spread in the territory; the more these contact networks are extended to national and international level, plus the thickness of the agency will be considerable.

How to choose the right agency?

The customer should not be dazzled by high prices, as the demand for higher compensation does not always equate to a qualitatively excellent service; There are very expensive but inefficient agencies, or highly publicized but little able or, on the contrary, agencies at all hyped but very capable and professional.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the investigative agency is also measured through a team effort, especially if the investigation is extended.

Ultimately, the objective data from which to choose are as follows:

It is important to rely on a private investigator holds prefectural licensed private investigators who are to act with transparency and willingness to provide a quote or a free consultation;

At the time of the estimate, private investigators must make you sign a power of attorney conferring entitling them to the performance of investigation (not working without contribution, is prohibited by law);

Be wary of private investigators or agencies who claim to be able to carry out illegal investigations.

Private detective? To you the choice!