Code red for violence against women. The private investigator even more relevant

Last week we addressed a very important issue for the sector of the investigations that allows you to protect victims of stalking ensuring the collection of evidence for the identification of the offense and the persecutor. Today, a few days later, as you may have read in newspapers across Italy, it was approved by the government a tool that will allow to act urgently and effectively in the personal protection of women victims of violence and stalking.

This is called the “Code Red”

The bill passed in the Council of Ministers and written by the Keeper of the Seals, Alfonso Bonafede, in collaboration with the minister of Public Administration, Giulia Bongiorno creator, along with Michelle Hunziker, the foundation “Double Defense.”

The bill Red Code , on “Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code : provisions on protection of victims of domestic violence and gender”

first of all provides for a “fast track” to help women victims of violence and clear the reaction times of justice in some specific cases like

  • sexual violence,
  • ill-treatment,
  • persecutory acts (or stalking),
  • aggravated injuries committed in the home or within a cohabitation relationship.

In these cases, the police will have no discretion and must inform the Magistrate immediately. The latter will have contact with the victim within three days of the complaint to capture all the information.

With this new defense of women means the Government is committed, as stated in the text of the bill to: “Promote tools and procedures for assessing the risk of the victim’s lethality, gravity, repetition and recurrence of the offense, starting from the existence of protocols risk assessment developed in studies and research on gender violence and investigative protocols in the process of dissemination among the police forces with specific reference to this matter (eg. EVA protocol) “.

Today, more than 130 murders committed against women every year. And unfortunately, many (indeed many) of these are consumed in familiar contexts, at the hands of a husband or partner, a former or other family member. The point is that often could be prevented with a more careful assessment of the case and with greater control. To the need to act quickly, adding to find evidence urgently, so as to conclude as soon as possible the process of protection of women and condemns the persecutor.

The draft specifically train the police judicial administration of this type of emergency actions already proposed by the Minister Bonafede, makes it even more important the need, often both victim and the authorities, to turn to a private detective agency to search for and evidence for the identification of the aggressor.

In the case of justified suspicion, in fact, the investigator also has the ability to install miniature cameras and recorder to document domestic violence and collect evidentiary materials to get faster and better to the final opinion of the competent authorities.

For several years, Phersei established the ‘ observatory on violence that among the various types of violence that studies, is in fact also deals with violence against women. It is a body that, thanks to the professionalism of experts from different backgrounds and expertise, carries out analysis and research on violent behavior of various kinds, in order to combat them effectively with a scientific approach. This new reality, which to date has no equal in the national scene, studying and circumscribes carefully all the facts, for various reasons, have to do with the daily violence, analyzing not only the protagonists of the cases (perpetrator and victim) but also the socio-cultural contexts in which these behaviors occur.