Violence against women, bullying, violence on the web. These are just some of the faces that can assume a violent phenomenon. What to do in these cases? How to prevent these phenomena? How to defend? One thing is certain: you can not expect to deal with a problem if you do not know it thoroughly, scavandone the causes, contexts, the dynamics.

It is from this assumption that founded the Observatory on Violence, an organization which, making use of professionals from various fields of study and specialization, operates in the analysis and research of violent behavior of all types and matrix, It aims to provide useful suggestions and solutions to combat these phenomena with a scientific approach.

The Observatory is directed by psychologist and psychotherapist Yolanda Santalucia, an expert in the hearing of women and child victims of sexual abuse and ill-treatment: “The Observatory was created within the Agency investigative Phersei in order to analyze all forms of violence in order to address them to the fullest. How? First Starting to study and understand the phenomenon and, later, by contacting all the organizations present in Italy operating in fighting violence, with the aim to network with them. “

“Currently, the Observatory is to identify the phenomenon and is preparing to build a database with the most significant data in terms of numbers and demands, but also preventive activities or intervention on the phenomenon carried out by associations , centers and facilities that deal in a more “receptive” of the various forms of violence – says psychologist – in this way, we can build a connection network with all local and national realities and then to put forward practical proposals in response to the problem. “

In short, a guidance service for people who had to deal with issues related to violence, they do not know what to do, where to go or who to turn.

“In this way, the Center may activate a series of support routes from Phersei is why, even in this context, the investigative agency can prove to be a valuable aid – concludes psychologist – Through the Observatory, in fact, can receive advice on the issues of the individual, enabling personalized, supported also by the knowledge network so developed. Also we activate moments of sharing, meetings and seminars on the subject, open to the public.”