The malls are no longer mere places of purchase, but more and more are characterized by their multi-functional and experiential destination.

As a result, attracting thousands of visitors a day, these places are exposed to a wide range of risks.

The retail security term is a generic indication of all the security activities within a mall or a store, such as security guards at the entrance or the electronic surveillance systems of exhibits.

The retail security for investigation

In the investigative field retail security is applied with the anti-theft services, which serve to identify and ascertain the causes that determine, even at the accounting level, the inventory shortages.

This activity is carried out through the collection of information retrieved directly at the customer’s premises, by qualified personnel and is regulated by the Ministerial Decree n. 269/2010, which distinguishes the private security shoplifting dall’antitaccheggio investigation.

In the first case, the vigilante has the task of preventing theft in direct or indirect manner, ie asking the intervention of police forces; in the second case, instead, the agent investigator Currency those which may be the causes of shortages, then carrying out a mere analytical work, but does not have the right to intervene in case of theft.