According to a study released by the agency of a few weeks Adnkrnos press, the investigations of the sector is growing and is expected to be an important year for this in 2019. 

To prove it are two aspects:

the continuous increase in demand for investigative services throughout the country , with requests coming from public and private entities and the constant and growing the profession specialization requirement in the academic world. 

In 2017, the investigative industry growth estimates showed billed for companies amounted to more than 350 million euro . A boom that has been determined, at least initially, from the sociological and technological change and new regulatory frameworks. Then let us remember that with the publication of Legislative Decree 101 of 10 August 2018 concerning privacy, or GDPR, the investigations of the sector has undergone a major reorganization of its own on the basis of the changes introduced in terms of privacy protection. 

In short, in recent years we have seen a real evolution of the industry that has brought with it great changes and significant growth in demand for services.  

As stated by the founder of Phersei,  Marzio Ferrario : “By analyzing the company data of 2018 it is clear that a  significant increase in requests came from companies and private individuals. Living in a globalized economy all activities arranged in Italy have a vision that intercepts a part of the shares also abroad and we have responded to many questions that were based on the request for analysis of the net-worth of different subjects. ” 
And the matter of Phersei perfectly mirrors the international trend. As argued by  Laura Giuliani , newly elected president of  WAD (World Association of Detective) , the global association of private detectives: ” The private investigation business is trending in the world and currently this area covers about l ‘ 85% of the work. Therefore, the more opportunities relating to the protection of company assets in all its aspects on the occurrence of preventive and subsequent events, with an increasingly important partnership with the national public authorities and trans-national “. 

Although the collective is still well grown, so has the stereotypical detective looking for hard evidence marital infidelity,

Today the sector of the investigations was the most sophisticated  business intelligence, ie  the set of acts business processes to collect data and analyze strategic information, the technology used and the information obtained as a result of these processes. 

We will address some of these subjects in the next article of Phersei, meanwhile, we want to dwell on the changes taking place in the sector. 

The most requested services by businesses today are in fact: the industrial counter, capital analysis, infidelity testing of employees or members of the same and analysis of competitive behavior. 

Specifically, much in demand analysis is one that is imposed on the technological tools such as hardware, mobile, tablet or PC. These are essential elements that can provide crucial information about the habits, movements and secrets of the person using them. 

The evolution of society, behavior, law and communications imposed a necessary change to the investigator profession. And not only this, however. But it is precisely in the change that the detective found his best uniform, trenches more comfortable and more stylish hat. 

Evolution not only led to an increase in demand but resulted in an increase in knowledge and skills for the exercise of the profession.