CY4Games is the first Italian competition that has seen compete ethical hackers from Universities and Institutes of Higher Education State. The objective of the game is to find as soon as the “sensitive data thieves” but mainly focus on the hot topics related to investigations or the Cyber Security and Digital Forensics . 

The event took place on May 6 at the Rome headquarters of Electronics Group, thanks to the patronage of the Ministry of Defense, and saw challenge 17 teams of about 90 young people from all over Italy.

To win the grand prize of this first edition was the Unipg1 team at the University of Perugia who now represent Italy at next Defense Cyber ​​Discovery Camp 2019 (CDDC2019) of Singapore, the most important annual event in the world of ethical hackers. In second place was Recursion Fairies team at the University of Trento. While the special prize for the first place between teams of technical schools went ITIS Armellini Rome. 

The CY4GAMES included two sessions, the  Capture the Flag where each team had to cope with the attack and the defense of five services running on a production machine and the Trial Simulation consisting of analysis “legal management” incident . A sort of real “process” in which were analyzed the company’s positions and those of the actor’s cyber crime.  

In a recent research conducted along with Ambrosetti on Geopolitics of Digital – said Enzo Benigni, President and CEO of Electronics – we have shown that by 2020 the data available will be 10 times the current ones , and today already the economy given worth in Europe 60 billion euros. Even the threats change and evolve, and with them the most effective responses: in 2017 alone there were nearly 1,200 cyber attacks considered serious . ” This awareness led the Cy4gate mission, because it is a danger that can not be underestimated. ” I Cy4games – says Eugene Santagata, CEO of Cy4gate –like others of a different nature we have promoted over the last year are designed to turn on a beacon to the needs of network resilience passing through the use of products and the construction of national powers on this issue .”

The University of Perugia will represent Italy in Singapore. The winning team consists of Christian kingdoms, Vittorio Mignini, Alessio Amatucci, Valentino Cristofaro, Nalin Dhingra. The victory is the result of the University of Perugia in this area; in particular Node Perugia’s National Cyber Security Lab, directed by Professor Stephen Bistarelli of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.