The Italians are slow to pay

Italians take on average 85 days to pay off their debts in the private sector and from six months to a year to a public partner. This figure is among the worst on an international level, according to a recent survey conducted by the company Euler Hermes of the Allianz Group. 
The research, which involved 50 countries, was able to observe the dynamics of international debt collection based on the payment practices, legal proceedings and procedures related to corporate insolvencies.

The debt is difficult

In particular, it emerged from the survey what are the problems that Italy must face debt collection, ranging from the extreme weakness of the laws governing the industry and too much red tape in administrative procedures, delays and procedural costs too high , the difficult enforcement of judicial decisions and, in the case of bankruptcy, the most unlikely of creditors to recover their credit.

The detective agency can help you

When cash becomes an odyssey, decisive action can be performed by an investigation, which has all the tools to determine the asset status of the borrower. 
The dense network of information that is found affecting all economic and financial life of the subject: from the track down, registrar for the address of residence and physical for notification actions, coming to finding telephone numbers and checks on wages, passing for movable and immovable property ensuring the presence of any mortgages or other liens, investigative operations are focused then with particular interest by carefully examining the relationship between subject and bank and developing relationships of participation and corporate office facilities in Italian or ester.

The private investigator and the Privacy

The efficiency of an agency also follows from the ability to reach the target although there are some limits imposed by the Privacy Authority, which defined some illegitimate practices: home visits or in the workplace, insistent telephone solicitations, pre-recorded phone calls carried out without the intervention of an operator, sending postcards outside bearing the word “debt” or default notices posted on the door of the debtor’s house, which can lead outsiders aware of the situation of the debtor default.