Who does not pay the divorce check big risks. It entered into force, in fact, Article 570 bis of the Penal Code, which extends to those who does not pay the amounts due the penalties provided for in Article 570 on “Violation of the obligations of family support”, or imprisonment up to one year or a fine of up to 1,032 euro.

What does Article 570 bis

Article 570 bis states: “The penalties provided for in Article 570 shall apply to the spouse who escapes the obligation of payment of any kind of grant payable in the event of dissolution, the termination of the civil effects or nullity of marriage or purple the economic obligations concerning the separation of spouses and shared custody of the children. “

As the child support is calculated

In a case of separation or divorce, the court is required to establish a child support for their children and spouse economically disadvantaged, taking into account certain parameters such as the standard of living, income business, income from real estate as well as the assessment of the economic means of the spouse requesting maintenance and any work performed without a regular contract.

The role of investigative agencies

Often it is necessary to collect evidence on the actual situation of the spouse disadvantage that calls for the maintenance check. For this reason, the use of investigative agencies is becoming more common: they perform targeted surveys to ascertain the economic situation of the weaker partners, in order to establish the amount of the check or even request a review.