Ideas, creativity and determination are now the cornerstones for a successful future. And if someone tried to appropriate it?

If someone would steal a good idea?

It could be prosecuted.

The protection of intellectual property is in fact an area of ​​law consists of rules that aim to protect creations of the human mind in the arts, industry and science. It aims to protect human inventiveness and ingenuity fruits with the means and tools provided by law.

But how can I protect my idea?

Record it.

What exactly is protecting the recording?

The industrial property and copyright.

The industrial property is made for example by patents, trademarks and brands and copyright is represented by copyright, such as the one on the creation of works of art, drawings and texts. 

What are the most common cases in the field of intellectual property protection? 

If your product or your invention is protected by a patent , and some use them without authorization
If someone sells a product that brings your brand without your permission
If someone has registered a trade mark similar or identical to your 
If you discover that someone has fraudulently registered a domain name for which you hold rights  
If your product is protected by a geographical indication and has been counterfeited 

Legal Consultancy continuous and specialist, from registration to protect. What can a detective agency to protect my intellectual property?

  • Checking the authenticity , control of information and above all data protection that must not be forged
  • Production of evidence in case of litigation . During proceedings for infringement of intellectual property, the investigator can verify and find all the evidence relevant to prove the existence of the crime.