It’s time for holidays and bridges for the festivities. In short, it is time to leave. But be careful to think about making too smart, the investigator is always around the corner .

Today more than ever to keep the wages of an employee who does not produce because it often absent is not really acceptable. In the era of economic hardship, derive the greatest benefit with the least expense is indispensable.

Therefore, rather than wasting money to pay an employee absentee, companies choose to rely on private investigators are able to insure their investment.

It will be really sick? It’ll be really taking care of a sick relative? You will really make visits? These and many other questions can be answered the dossier of a specialist of the investigations. And often the answer is not that positive, it for the company, nor for the employee.

The chronicle tells now too often caught absentee employees during working hours at the bar, the spa, go shopping or even with his young lover. The festivities then it is the perfect time to extend the absences .

The law allows employees to take time off for illness or to care for a sick relative but if the absence is not justified or falsified, then the employer may exercise the termination for cause. A measure that, if the absence is prolonged in time, saves the employer a lot ‘of scrapes.

That is why today more than ever, the demand for private investigators is increasingly high. And to require that specific advice is not only large companies but also smaller. And in Italy become part of even the investee company list .

An example is what happened in Rome a few weeks ago when the City of Rome against widespread absenteeism among the 7,800 employees AMA, the municipal company for the environment, has decided to unleash private investigators. 

The reason is to understand more on the high absenteeism among Roman garbage collectors is unusually high and that brought the capital to be submerged by waste between Christmas and New Year.

The work required to investigators is to cross the data for “short illness absences,” those less than six days, and those due to the leave under the law 104 for the care of disabled family members.

Their findings will be used just to see if the employee who uses the leave days uses them to assist the sick person, as required by law, or to go to the expense of community holiday.