There are cases where the worker ‘cunning’ is easier to be issued with a certificate of illness from their family doctor. For example, when the disease can not be ascertained, although there is still fiscal visit to verify its existence.

But, of course, we speak of a workers ‘cunning’, probably prepared to circumvent even the examining doctor.

That’s why many companies have felt the need to rely on a detective agency. According to the Supreme Court (17113/2016), in fact, the employer can hire a private investigator to find out whether the employee is really bad.

Having ascertained deception, for the judges dismissal is legitimate.

Specifically, the Supreme Court states that the employer has the right to resort to a detective agency to verify the reliability of the medical certificate, which can also be enhancing disputed facts. What the employer can not do – and this remains a staple – it is to “spy” on the employee while he is in practice true.