Publish these days the new rules of professional conduct for defense investigations with respect to the changes introduced by GDPR. On the Privacy fact it has verified the compliance of legislation codes on the processing of personal data and has published in the Official Gazette the new ethical rules deemed to comply.

From January 15 to all there are no more extensions. Lawyers and private investigators, must comply with the new rules as EU Regulation 2016/679.

The most important innovation introduced by the Guarantor is that the lawyer organizes the treatment according to the methods that are most appropriate to promote specifically the effective respect for human rights, freedom and dignity.

The new structure simplifies the information for the processing of data, which can be unique and also affixed to the studio to lawyers. Moreover, it may also be provided by using synthetic and colloquial formulas.

The modalities for the treatment will have to be requested by the holder, that is:

  • a single professional;
  • a plurality of professionals;
  • Association between professionals or companies.

Specific attention is given to the adoption of appropriate safeguards to prevent unwarranted collection of data in the event of use of private information that can pose risks to those involved.

An example is the disproportionate use of personal correspondence or exercise contiguous self-employment, the use of data by doubt permissible to use or destruction of data on particular electronic media or documents.

They can be used according to the Guarantor the personal data contained in public records or lists as well as licensed databases and acts, records, statements and information acquired as part of defense investigations.

In relations with third parties and the press can be issued not covered by secret information if needed for protection purposes of the assisted or agreed with the same customer.

A chapter of this report ( Chapter IV – treatment by private investigators)  is dedicated exclusively to the processing of data for the activity carried private investigator.

He can not take their own initiative instead investigations must be carried out based on a special assignment given in writing and only for the specific purposes.

The private investigator must personally carry out its charge and can only make use of other private investigators specifically referred to at the time the order is placed.