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Health Care, Hospitals and Clinics

If the industry continues to expand and become more and more oriented towards the increase of technology, owners and health care providers require a professional level of security planning, prevention and protection.

The health sector is one of the largest industries in the country and is home to unique security challenges that require innovative risk management and security solutions. Professional planning, prevention and protection are required to mitigate and respond appropriately to the specific security vulnerabilities.

Phersei Security Group meets the specific needs of the healthcare industry, with high quality security programs dedicated, providing full-service solutions and value, taking into account the security needs, business goals and cost control.

Phersei Security Group offers its clients an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a level of proven reliability to meet both conventional security needs and those extended in the health sector. Our approach to security services is complete. We focus on the threat assessment, situational analysis and proactive planning to identify and mitigate potential risks. By combining the right people, processes and technology, we are able to design programs that offer effective management of resources and investments and implement best security practices and the right of interest considerations.

Our security services aimed to meet the unique and individual needs of our customers in the health care public hospital and private sector:

  • Protection of structures, internal and external patrols
  • Access Control
  • Flow Management
  • Monitoring and care of visitors
  • Security monitoring command center
  • CCTV control
  • Threat Ratings
  • Consulting and research
  • Security of supplies, equipment and controlled substances
  • Crisis management and / unusual event emergency response
  • Internal training for all hospital staff
  • Interdiction and bio terrorism control

Our rigorous selection methods and training programs offer the highest quality standards in the personnel, which happens to be the best trained in the security sector.

Our approach to security is evolving to meet the needs of our customers in the healthcare industry. Our managers work closely with clients to create custom security programs that are managed centrally, with a focus on advance planning and preparation of all contingencies.

Our management system integrates workforce based staff scheduling, accounting, and performance analysis, driving the collaborative processes that ensure consistent management and high quality of service.

Investigation and Security Services for the healthcare industry, hospitals, private clinics. Rely on excellence of Phersei Investigations & Security Group.


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