Edit You need to track down a person? The Detective Agency Phersei can help.

In order to track down a person they must be legitimate reasons such as:

  • Protection of family law ;
  • Health protection mental and physical;
  • Legal / Legal Reasons;
  • Debt collection;
  • Notification acts;
  • controversial Heritage and / or tracing heirs.

The investigative actions essentially provide two different paths:

tracing master

It consists of collecting information or make inquiries regarding my residence regularly declared by an individual. The master tracing service is a survey that provides the customer the actual residence of the person sought, which does not always coincide with the actual address of the subject.

physical tracing

It consists in activating an investigation detective, sometimes complex, aimed at identifying the exact residence of a natural person, and therefore its real home that can be deformed relative to its declared residence. The service can also apply for shares on the collecting field information, surveillance, inspections until obtaining the purpose.

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