An employer can contact detective agency to ascertain the reasons for not carrying out the activity of the employee’s working.

This was established by the Supreme Court, Labor Division, the sentence no. 8373/2018

The case concerns an insurance agent, since laid off – through private investigators – the company he worked for had ascertained the failure to observe working hours and perform other activities outside of the office, just during business hours.

The worker appealed against a judgment of the appellate judges had rejected his application for the annulment of the dismissal and subsequent reinstatement.

But the Supreme Court has legitimized the activities performed by an investigation, which has not violated Articles 2 and 3 of the Statute of Workers (as contended by the applicant), primarily because exercised in public places, but also because it was “not aimed at ‘assessment of the mode of working of the obligation, but rather to verify whether the employee had been absent without justification or permission, from the workplace “.

The worker, therefore, not only was fired for cause, but also ordered to pay court costs.