Investigations marital infidelity

Are you sure you really know your partner or your future spouse?

You have a concrete bed project you want to be sure it’s the right person?

Nowadays we witness every day to the phenomena of ” crisis of morality ” that there are reasonable doubts of others. Pitfalls can be hidden behind unsuspecting people and, sometimes, even very close to us.

Our detective agency has the tools to allow you to dispel any doubt or suspicion revealing important aspects of the history of your future spouse allowing you to make a right choice and conscious.

In some cases the question may arise as a result of the occurrence of some suspicious or unusual behaviors that generate anxiety and concern and may be evidence of stable relational infidelity or betrayal:

  • And ‘elusive / elusive in to tell of its past
  • Search trivial justifications or motivations to carve out spaces of time
  • You are corresponding economic aid and you’re afraid of being duped
  • Turn off the phone or does not answer your calls
  • Part for unexpected trips even working
  • Change of schedules or habits
  • He suddenly new hobbies or friends
  • Show suddenly special care in their physical appearance
  • He changed the way they dress
  • He returned home and greets you in a different way
  • When he returns home is now in shower
  • It never separates from the cell
  • Changed eating habits
  • Answers to your questions evasively
  • It stays up late on the computer
  • Are you experiencing the unjustified money exits

Do not get consumed by doubt, do clearly acquiring certainties!

If you are reading this page, it is very likely that you’re going through a personal situation with apprehension. Our aim is to give you back the serenity you need. The survey will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Some premarital investigations on the past

  1. Check weddings or former partners
  2. Check historical financial including debt, credit, bankruptcy proceedings
  3. immigration and travel
  4. name changes
  5. information on professional activities
  6. Check business connections, interests and charges
  7. Checks moral and reputational
  8. Stalking and controls to establish the comparability of the declarations and detect any lies.
  9. Interviews for the evaluation of the credibility of the statements

Some of our audits on the present

  1. Marriage State
  2. financial and asset situation
  3. Regularity immigration and visa
  4. name and address Confirmation
  5. Presence of Children and Family
  6. Check the professional activity
  7. Checking for other partners
  8. Stalking and surveillance to establish the comparability of the declarations and detect any lies.
  9. Stalking and surveillance in the holiday travel or work to verify statements and correspondence
  • Interviews for the evaluation of the credibility of the statements

6 good reasons to turn to Phersei

  • Preliminary advice and quotation free of charge and without obligation
  • We believe that the commitment and consistency are two cardinal principles of our actions, we say what we think and do what we say, no false promises.
  • We have successfully resolved more than 5,000 cases and the high of our customer satisfaction index allows us to enjoy an unrivaled reputation.
  • We approach each case with a unique human sensitivity because we believe that the human being should always be placed in the foreground and is one of the most important factors.
  • Phersei is the only detective agency in Italy to have been awarded among the 100 Italian excellence; Phersei staff consists of experts with decades of experience even in law enforcement.
  • To guarantee our customers, in order to maintain excellent standards we can not accept all cases; we will also look at your and evaluate if we can assist you.

Contact us for a free quote

To contact us and submit your case, please send us an email with your request or call us by phone to arrange an appointment. We are sure we can help to dispel your doubts and acquire the certainty you need for a just and conscious choice.

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