Passenger safety is the most important goal of public transport industries. The cooperation between security companies and companies must be characterized by the development of an integrated security concept.

The safety concept of Phersei Group

The centerpiece of the safety concept is the placement of qualified personnel and directing the activities. The Phersei operators receive intensive training, which allows to guarantee particularly high safety standard.

Metro Security

The criticality that passengers must be addressed in the metro areas are constituted mainly by pickpockets, drug addicts, beggars, thieves and vandalism.

The question that we at Phersei we have set ourselves is the following: “We really need to concentrate all our resources on the neutralization of the people that cause damage? Or should we focus on the other 300 thousand people who do not? “

The answer leads to the strategy that provides for the security officers maintain a high profile and a widespread and effective presence in the subway hub, rather than overseeing remote and isolated stations waiting to happen critical events.

The agents, in addition to wear clothing that immediately identifies the role, are all radio-related, with cell phone service and first aid kits, as well as in managing conflicts and ethnic issues practices.

The management of Phersei, together with the client, establishes the shifts and the areas to be monitored, based on the traffic report, the accident reports and special events or seasonal peaks. This strategy allows you to make unexpected checks in the eyes of potential troublemakers or attackers.