Pharmaceutical companies, their suppliers and associated companies, have become a major target for the perpetration of theft, vandalism, property damage, product tampering, eco-terrorism and litigation. For this reason, companies need to develop a highly professional and high level of security planning, prevention and protection.

Phersei Investigations & Security Group offers an integrated approach to security, through a range of services:

  • Threat assessment, research and consultancy;
  • Crisis management;
  • Emergency / Response unusual event;
  • Protection of intellectual property for research and development activities;
  • Access Control;
  • Fire prevention and programs for the safety of life;
  • Research and protection against product tampering, counterfeiting and lookalike;
  • Protecting information from competitors in the research and production;
  • Product distribution and marketing;
  • Safety supply chain logistics, including, over-the-road, supply of drugs in transit;
  • Safety meetings and events;
  • Executive protection nationally and internationally;
  • operational interventions in cases of threats of violence in the workplace in Italy, in consultation phases of negotiation in cases of kidnapping and ransom in Italy and abroad;
  • Computer forensics;
  • Investigations of unfaithful employees, leaks, theft of intellectual property.

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