Marzio Ferrario is the founder of Phersei investigations. Born in 1987, this young entrepreneur is already industry-leading international investigations and today we wanted to meet him. 

How did your passion for investigations?

It all started in 2007, when I looked out of this world by accident and I immediately passionate, so driven by strong curiosity I began this journey that in 2010 led to the birth of Phersei, first alone, but little has been sufficient time to understand how this activity is based on sharing and the ability to work as a team. E ‘then came my partner and together we have identified many parnter both in Italy and around the world. This is what is Phersei, the most important group of investigators around the world, a dimension of people, ethics and method.

What fascinated you about this world? 

It gained speed in the industry. Let me explain, the mutability and the tendency to change quickly up the operational scenario which is the basis of each operation investigation. The ability to interpret economic trends fickle promptly and effectively has always been the great challenge that fascinates me.

The other factor that has influenced me greatly in this process is curiosity, the fascination of discovery and knowing what you do not know, “Is there an answer to everything we just have to discover it.”

Today you still think so?

Always, but unlike the living past my profession with a more mature consciousness. Often we are conditioned by what we live and what this work allows you to appreciate is the multiplicity of sensitivity. Often meetings the bitterness of betrayal, suffering a difficult situation, regret and anger. Every time is a different feeling that will arise before and each time it is important to have the ability to deal with it with empathy, listening and understanding the request of the assisted.

What is the Phersei activities and what are the services you offer more?

Investigations now more than ever constitutes an essential and decisive contribution in court, the most requested services are those in the private sector and business. Many are the requests that come regarding the analysis of the net-worth of different subjects. By living in an economy also globalized often we conduct activities that have an evolution that embraces not only the starting territories but has become increasingly important to be incisive in the world. 

Work abroad a lot?

It ‘a vibrant and growing market. We were the first in Italy to launch a line of international surveys and today we are also a reference point for many colleagues. Countries that mainly constitute the theater of operations are the countries members of the groups “OSCE” and “OECD”.

You requested by public administrations? 

It ‘a line that the market is still struggling. In the PA of the private investigative tool rather than being evaluated as a means of prevention it is not at all considered. In my view, not wanting to see means to be accomplices.  

How is the company organized and what kind of players you rely on? 

The law defines well what are the areas of intervention in which it is permitted to work, private, corporate, commercial, defense, special laws, Phersei operates in each of the prescribed areas, using specialized teams.

They collaborate with us about 160 people including employees, consultants and contractors. We have built a business model that provides the best resources with an absorption of highly qualified personnel. We are very focused on training and paths that allow us to identify new resources also through partnerships with universities.  

What are the requirements that a good detective must have to work with you?

Greatest patience, adequate technical and scientific training and a great fortune.  

In your opinion what is the future of investigative field in Italy? Will anything change?

At the regulatory level by the Ministerial Decree 269/10 we made a big step forward but it is certain that still need a real contribution on information sharing in-chief to the public.

I do see the future of the growing technology sector, many new survey templates for many new technologies in the coming years will invest our society.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas Marzio Ferrario 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the people who contributed with commitment and perseverance to make Phersei not a company but a family. Congratulations to all of you and all the readers.