The private investigator Milan has costs and prices that are subject to tariffs that are filed by the institute detective at the Prefecture of Milan.

In other Italian cities may vary. In Milan it is said that prices are necessarily higher than other cities.

The survey costs vary depending on the characteristics of the service provided such as the number of media used, the transfers, any rentals, taxi use, airplane tickets, etc.

Prices of an investigator in Milan are in line with the national average rates. As an example, our investigations start from a minimum of € 180.00 a day for a few hours of surveillance rate.

If your necesstà is for assets that do not provide surveillance services and shadowing but other specific requirements regarding information about people or companies also of a financial nature, our agency has prices starting at a few tens of euros to go up according to the theme from treating and the information to be retrieved.

For more information on costs, tariffs and prices Milan investigations can contact  Phersei investigations  at our offices.