You suspect that your husband or your wife cheating on you? 
We discover the marital infidelities and betrayals of the spouse who violates the marriage contract and the duty of loyalty.

The question may arise as a result of the occurrence of some suspicious behavior or unusual that generate anxiety and concern that may be evidence of marital infidelity and betrayal:

  • Turn off the phone or does not answer your calls
  • Change of schedules or habits
  • He suddenly new hobbies or friends
  • Show suddenly special care in their physical appearance
  • He changed the way they dress
  • He returned home and greets you in a different way
  • When he returns home is now in shower
  • It never separates from the cell
  • Changed eating habits
  • Answers to your questions evasively
  • It stays up late on the computer
  • Are you experiencing the unjustified money exits

Do not get consumed by doubt, do clearly acquiring certainties! 
If you’re visiting this site is very likely that you’re going through a personal situation with concern. Our aim is to give you back the serenity you need. The survey will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Why go to Phersei?

The investigation marital infidelity and betrayal starts following a deep and accurate comparison with the customer which will trace the survey guidelines. 
The steps will be fully agreed upon and evaluated in economic investment relationship defined and the objectives it sets out to achieve that result in the acquisition of evidence in proving the marital infidelity or betrayal. 
At the conclusion of the investigative path will be drawn up a detailed technical report accompanied by photographic surveys and chronological description of the events. The investigative report may be used during the trial for eventual separation or divorce.

The method

Here you can take note of steps that we follow on investigations for marital infidelity or betrayal

  • Analysis: interview to acquire the information necessary and useful to thoroughly analyze the case, evaluating the best investigative strategy aimed at achieving the result, and the taking of evidence.
  • Operational investigative Project: Phersei offers you the operating project targeted to your needs depending on the information obtained during analysis, offers you the budget balanced to achieve the objective; you will have the opportunity to re-evaluate operational planning while respecting your budget by fixing a maximum limit.
  • Granting power of attorney or mandate acceptance of the investigative plan and budget follows the signing of the mandate of official duties; It proceeds with the acquisition of all the detailed information on the target defining the investigation step
  • Collection of test sources (operational activities focused on target) in cases of marital infidelity investigation usually involves static surveillance activities (stalking) or dynamic (shadowing), in addition to the electronic control using GPS locators aid for operating purposes.
  • Evaluation of the results and updating: during operational activities Phersei will be confronted with the developer for updates and to suggest the best strategy revisions based on the performance of the service in order to achieve the desired goal.
  • Delivery of the investigative report: once the investigation operational direction of Phersei oversees the investigative report summarizing the detailed chronological description of the events and the frames or videos of operational interest to the customer by delivering the report
  • Comparison with the Legal of confidence (if requested by the Purchaser): operational direction of Phersei is available in comparison with the Law of the Client to provide any further useful information.
  • Testimony: the active agents may be called to give witness by the legal information of trust or by the judge to give their testimony in court on the merits of the survey carried out and sources of evidence acquired.

If you do not know how to discover a betrayal, Phersei contact us today for a free consultation with no obligation . fill out the form or contact us by phone, you will find at your disposal a responsible investigative professional and discreet who will advise you.