The special investigations require the implementation of special operating procedures that are used, for example, in the case of stalking.

Through thorough research of test sources and / or elements of truth,  Phersei Investigations & Security Group  is a strategic tool for collecting material to be legally valid in court.

Stalking is a crime in the Civil Code introduced with Legislative Decree n. 11/2009 , art. 612-bis of the Criminal Code, which states that “unless the fact constitutes a more serious offense, shall be punished with imprisonment from six months to four years anyone with conducted repeated, threatening or harassing anybody so as to cause a continuing and serious state of anxiety or fear, or give rise to a well-founded fear for their safety or in person to the same linked to emotional relationship or to force the same to alter their choices and lifestyles. “

It then appears as a crime characterized by a range of behaviors, such as threats or harassment that persist over time and create in a strong person concerned state of anxiety and fear, as to cause the person to change their habits or change phone number .

You have suffered threats or harassment and want to gather information about the person who bothers? You are the victim of stalking and want to learn more about how to defend yourself from a situation of risk? Rely on Phersei and protect your person, thanks to our special investigation.

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