He now speaks often work in private investigations. The boom that the industry has experienced in recent years has also increased interest of young people to this profession. But the industry not only takes private investigators, is primarily interested in professionals from different backgrounds and with different specializations that can go from computer until the law.

In the coming months, along with Phersei professionals we will try to do a little ‘the Italian academic offerings framework trying to figure out where we are and what is missing.

Raffaella Sette

Today we met Professor Raffaella Sette, Coordinator of the Master in ” Criminological Sciences for investigation and security ” of the University of Bologna .

The course aims to provide its graduates with the theoretical and practical tools to operate in criminology, based on the latest investigative techniques and adequate expertise in methods for safety and crime prevention.

To this end, it offers educational activities that allow you to:

  • deepen the mastery of criminological matters;
  • acquire knowledge on institutional bodies in charge of prevention of deviant behavior and security policies, local and national;
  • introduce notions in disciplines relevant to refine the understanding of the studied phenomena, such as public economics, psychology, research methodology and criminal law.

To integrate academic knowledge with the needs of the working world, the curriculum includes an internship to be carried out in agencies / institutions / associations / affiliated investigative agencies.

The degree has numerous agreements with investigative agencies located in all parts of Italy and in this regard it will trigger a short-even with the company Phersei investigation based in Milan and operate internationally.

  • But in Italy since working space there is for young people who want to pursue a profession in the world of the investigations?

Over the years, several graduates in criminal sciences have opened their investigative agencies receiving also particularly successful – explained Professor Seven – But the real problem was, until some time ago, the non-recognition of the criminologist profession and vittimologo.

Recently, this problem has seen a possibility of solution by the inclusion of the Italian Society of Victimology ( www.vittimologia.it ) in the Ministry of Economic Development of Professional Associations.

The Ministry now promotes the continuing education of the members in accordance with law no. 4/2013 certifying the quality and professional qualification of the services provided by its members in accordance with Articles 4, 7 and 8 of that Act.