“The New Frontiers of Investigations”. He opened at the University of Catania a new course of Digital Forensics . The goal is to enhance the effectiveness of investigative activities in information technology and to reduce the risk of investigative errors by promoting the use of precise analysis of computer artifacts techniques, sources of evidence often decisive. 

Also well we know that there are different kinds of digital investigations to the Italian legal order light: computer investigation techniques and defensive investigations in the field of computer crimes and common crimes whose evidence is made up of digital data and transmitted by computer systems.

The crucial point is the specialization.

A specific expertise for each individual in-depth industry is essential to become a good detective. 

The ability to collaborate with academic institutions of higher prestige makes Phersei a winning companies throughout Italy and the rest of Europe. 

The new undergraduate course directed by prof. Sebastiano Battiato (Video) University of Catania focuses particularly on the industry Multimedia Forensics  (with particular reference to the digital images and video captured with the most diverse systems such as smartphones and surveillance video cameras). 

The Professor Donatella Curtotti (Video) , Director of the Department of Law, University of Foggia, explains how important it is to combine professionalism and legal expertise with that of computer science and technique. The technical adviser and investigator are two completely different professions with different skills and propensities.