YES. Fees and costs of a private investigator  or detective agency prices may vary depending on the case to be treated. The private investigator fees and investigative agencies Prices are regulated by a tariff, deposited at the Prefecture at the time the license is issued authorizing the investigator or the agency to carry out private and corporate investigations, gathering information on individuals and / or company.

The rates and prices private investigator starting from a minimum to a maximum applicable that can vary from case to case depending on many variables such as: the type of investigation to be carried out, the analysis of the risk involved, the number of hours / day and the agents used for the activity to be performed in a highly professional manner, the possible use of technology etc.

If nn it is surveillance and stalking charges start from a few euro to rise, sempe determined based on actual customer demand.

Every investigation is a case in itself, and the agency’s technical director applies the most appropriate rate, which still has to be corresponding to the filed rates. The rates must also be on display at the studio of the private investigator or detective agency.

As for the living costs that the private investigator or detective agency must support for conducting the survey it is to be noted that, as a rule, are characterized by the mileage reimbursement related to vehicles used during the investigation, any tolls, train tickets or other travel documents, car parks, any meals, and all other expenses necessary for the proper and professional performance of the service.

For more information on fees and costs, please contact us at our offices.

L ‘ Investigative Phersei agency  is authorized by the Prefecture to conduct private investigations, corporate and criminal defense.

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