Owner of a large workshop

The customer says he has a problem with one of its employees have permanent contracts, which, for more than two months on sick leave. The aforementioned employee has presented yet another certificate of continuation of the disease.

Subject of investigation

Employee, 38

Dweller in XXXXXXXX, driving the car XXXXXXXXX

Survey Activities

Because the customer is not convinced of the good faith of the worker, would like to verify the actual state of calamity declared by the same and collect any evidence to sue the cause for dismissal right.

They then agreed with the customer three days of dynamic surveillance and the use of a GPS device to be installed on the car concerned.


In all three days of service, the agents have verified and documented with photos and videos, that at 08:00 the surveillance was released from his home, he went to another place, where having changed and dressed in a suit the inscription of a rival body to the customer, carried out regular work until 17:30.


As documented it has been included in a final report that was delivered to the customer, who has dismissed the employee for cause.

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