In the field of logistics, storage and transport of goods, the safety of property and integrity must be maintained throughout the supply chain in order to meet business objectives and ensure the supply of quality products to consumers.

In order to ensure that high quality products are delivered to consumers, they need to be implemented strict controls at every point in the distribution chain. Minimizing the risks for activities and logistic processes requires a diligent and effective coordination. Experts in Logistics security of Phersei sector are qualified to better manage the supply chain and security requirements and protection of assets.

By combining the right people, processes and technology with a balanced security system characterized by supervision and responsibility, we guarantee that safety is never compromised. In the area of ​​logistics some of our services are:

  • perimeter security
  • Homeland Security – overt and discreet
  • goods in stock Protection
  • sensitive areas Monitoring
  • Guardiania day and night
  • fraud Investigations
  • investigations of theft and shortages
  • investigations of damage
  • access control gate
  • immediate response in emergencies and crises
  • Reporting accidents in real time
  • commodity tracking systems (GPS Tracking)
  • Specialized training

The private security personnel is often the first line of defense against any form of threat and also for this reason it is essential that security activities are ready and responsive.

Relying on the security services and the investigations Phersei Group also in the area of ​​logistics means to move towards excellence.