Here comes the summer and warm sun, long days and skimpy clothes increase the risk betrayal. The small light is orange status: attention. But it is not yet red.

According to the most famous private detectives in the world, when one spouse requires the help of a detective because he has a premonition of being betrayed, hardly she turns out to be wrong. 

According to our data, ” About 70% of women seeking help to expose a betrayal, not mistaken – explains Marzio Ferrario founder of investigative Phersei – that’s why the intuition of a betrayal should never be ignored ” 

Well, then if it is estimated that about 45% of Italians have cheated on their partner at least once, it is easy to see that the forebodings of the numbers are really high.  

But what are the signs that light up the red light? Those small changes that they say we are warned to check? 

” The clues are really basic – Ferrario continues – at times are so trivial that do not seem to have to give occasion for suspicion. But it’s not always like this. A radical change of look, the phone always busy or never left on the table and on the table, too frequent releases, an unlikely gym membership and sexual detachment should alarm the partner and take him to have serious doubts . “

Today, however, it is not just a change of look or style. The advent of social networks and their poor management by the users has created an army of separated couples arrived before the judge to discuss the divorce with an incredible series of conversations “social” exhibited as evidence of treason. 

And precisely the evidence the element that makes the difference. Who relies on a private investigator will bring before the judge a list of evidence and quality that will be the turning point in the divorce proceedings.

Betrayal is not a crime but a tort from which a single sanction: the charge.

Who betrays, in general, rather than to the specific case, it loses the right to maintenance. Although not always the rule. If it is to betray the wife who does not work or has a lower income than her husband, then in that case it will be up to her still maintaining. Conversely, things change.