Making the private investigator is not simple and pretend to do it is even more difficult. To explain it in an interesting article a few days ago was also a journalist from one of the most renowned in the world newspapers, the New York Times .

In his piece, Michael Rovner , tells his fake private investigator experience for an American company lasted only three months.

” It is not easy to be taken ,” he told a colleague during the interview. The verification process for making the detective’s really deepened in America and includes drug testing, fingerprints, lots of interviews and months of waiting. Also joining the field are former FBI agents, federal prosecutors and senior members of law enforcement.

To have general skills in the field of the investigation is not at all sufficient. And the industry is completely different from what they tell us in the movies or TV series.

Customers of an investigations company not only betrayed wives or husbands, there are professionals in the world of sports, film, commerce and especially managers of large and small companies looking to secure their investments and to guard against disloyal employees.

Most of the work done by the journalist paid to investigations focused on all the time the world of digital analysis, made of background checks, identity and social media behavior. But what most interested him was the report job.

The report to be provided to the customer is the most important element for a good investigation company.

” I was seduced by the charm of the best detective who works in the worst conditions. But here, I felt the worst detective who used to work in the best conditions ” – Rovner writes.

“I’ve learned that usually are not conducted investigations to catch the bad guys – more – customers just want to eliminate any surprises.”

In fiction, the lights are famous for their impulsive approaches. In fact, the investigation is full of regulations and procedures.

In fiction, moreover, the detective can use different passports and identity. In fact, doing so is a crime.

“Although being hired as a private investigator could not have been easy, when it came to business intelligence, I was just distracted. I did not even have a clue “

And the story of the American journalist leads us to conclude once again that rely on specialized personnel and competent is not only the right choice, but the only possible to reach an objective. Being a private investigator requires great professionalism and a heavy dose of expertise in the sector.