Phersei Investigations, already the official partner of the Order of Lawyers of Milan, participated as a sponsor at the gala evening organized for the inauguration of the judicial year 2018 at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza on January 27, 2018. The event, was attended by about 700 lawyers, it was an opportunity to welcome the new Judicial Year and to reflect on some topics and issues related to the world of justice, such as time, quality and costs of justice, which inevitably pour more generally on the country.

The intervention of the President of the Bar Council of Milan Lawyer Remo Danovi Lawyers stressed the valuable contribution that the Attorney guarantees in lawlessness “fighting continuing initiatives for education to legality, transparency and the fight against corruption, as well as the marginalization of violence “and recalled the order’s commitment to building” House of Advocacy “in order to accommodate all the enforcement efforts” to contribute effectively to the deepening of each problem interest in citizenship. “

“The participation of Phersei Inauguration of the judicial year 2018 reflects the great relationship that exists between us and the world of justice,” said Marzio Ferrario, chief investigative agency administrator Phersei. “Our participation in this event allows us to renew the close collaboration with the category of lawyers and to create and strengthen further synergies that are a sure benefit to all stakeholders.”