Phersei Investigation has received 100 Excellencies Italian award that was held on December 1 at the Sala della Lupa at Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome. The award is an acknowledgment to all companies and entrepreneurs who are committed every day with passion and determination to keep up the Made in Italy, helping to keep alive the uniqueness and excellence of the sectors of the Italian economy tip.

The event, during which he also presented the book 100 Italian Excellencies, saw the award also prominent on the national scene personalities including Antonio Polito, Raffaele Cantone President Anac, Andrea Ricciardi, Tullio Del Sette Commander General of ‘Arma Carabinieri Mario Parente, Laura Biagiotti, Andrea Bocelli, Beatrice Vio, Carlo Conti, Vittorio Sgarbi, Beppe Vessicchio.