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Our concierge services and our business, premium concierge program, provide high profile security officers with specific advanced training. The service is aimed at the hospitality sectors such as hotels, residences, tourist villages, communities, residential and commercial real estate, buildings, and all those contexts where it is necessary to use a highly effective doorman or concierge service, efficient, high-image.

The security officer assigned to the doorman and concierge service is often the first to customers and visitors meet in a structure, and interaction with the security agent strongly influences the perception of the experience of service. Phersei Ltd. provides security services and hospitality in order to keep safe and secure environments, reflecting a positive image, and reassuring to visitors for maximum satisfaction of our customers.

We follow rigorous selection and recruitment of employees in order to select personnel naturally suited to customer service, including women and men from contexts relevant to the hospitality industry. Through interviews with the candidates, checks and verifications on HP and through interaction during the training sessions, our hiring managers and training evaluate the communication skills of each individual, their personal history, their attitude, and their appearance . Candidates with skills and characteristics essential to excel as concierge security officers will follow to complete the training through simulations and operational interventions in the field.

The training programs for the doorman and concierge services provide lessons on the following:

  • Concierge duties Conduct
  • The unique dual role of a security guard / porter
  • Identification of customer needs
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Techniques for handling difficult customers

Our concierge services, concierge, reception and customer management evolve and cover customizable business models; we have the resources and expertise to implement concierge service programs in any sector and setting.

  • retail sales of commercial and residential properties
  • community or residence
  • companies (including parking management)
  • complex medical
  • sports or recreational centers
  • tourist attractions
  • cultural religious institutions
  • government agencies

During the course of their duties, our professionals concierge services are a reference balance and are often considered part of the “family” in the properties in which they are assigned, offering a warm welcome for customer employees and the customers themselves with maximum availability and friendliness, while ensuring safety while through defined processes.

concierge services to Milan and concierge premium Phersei. Services for those looking for excellence.


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