Follow the suspected partner infidelity, check one employee who abuses the law permits 104 chasing an unfaithful business partner are just some of the cases in which a private investigator can make use of a GPS detector in its investigations .

Detector GPS: how it works

The GPS is an electronic device, usually installed on the vehicle of the subject to be controlled, which allows to follow all the movements of the person concerned, as the places reached the car, stops and journey times, in order to collect useful elements to understand how to do the stalking activities. The detector of Gps position proves therefore extremely useful in the study phases of shadowing and not in evidentiary phase, since it allows to reconstruct the routes, but does not provide information on the driver.

“The benefits of using a GPS sensor are mainly operational and economical,” says the Head of Investigative Area Phersei, “From an operational point of view it is important to use it because it mainly allows you to make useful assessments in the early stages of stalking, while the economic aspect presents undoubted advantages for the customer. “

Detector GPS: it is permissible to use it?

It remains to be seen whether the use of a GPS locator, involve a violation of privacy and whether its use is legitimate.

The issue is clarified by the Ministerial Decree 01/12/2010 n. 269, which, for conducting private investigations, corporate or business, allows investigators to perform “static observation and dynamic (so-called stalking) also by means of electronic instruments, video / photo shooting, inspection, collection of information extracted by free documents also access public records, interviews with people even through telephone conversations, collection of information is identified directly at the customer premises.”