The importance of technology to the industry, communications, national defense necessitate the adoption of appropriate security measures to protect the creative processes that give rise to new products and technological services.

The continuous evolution and the growing importance of technology in our society has made the sector one of the most important assets of the world economy.

The technology-based activities, including research data, intellectual property, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution are accompanied by a wide range of potential security vulnerabilities.

Phersei Investigations & Security Group offers an integrated approach to security that provides a range of services and a level of proven reliability to satisfy both the conventional security needs of both those broad spectrum in this area. Our professionals implement a comprehensive security programs with a focus on the threat assessment, situational analysis, and mitigation planning in order to identify and mitigate potential risks.>

Our security programs are a valuable support in the threat management in the high-tech sector.

Phersei Ltd. provides a full range of services to support the specific requirements of the technology industry:

  • protection services
  • Threat Assessments
  • consulting and research
  • management of security operations
  • Crisis Management
  • emergency response event
  • access control and security systems design
  • alarm monitoring and management of the integrated security system
  • the design of the safety program
  • protection of intellectual property for research and development
  • protection against product tampering and counterfeiting