These days, companies today are increasingly exposed to cyber attacks that jeopardize the security and have lead to the theft of strategic information that may seriously affect the company’s assets and constitute a threat to both the business and for the employees themselves.

With the spread of numerous technologies and the ease with which we share your information often happens that the computer systems of a company be placed under attack by hackers and that occur not only in loss of data, but also the violation of the rules Privacy Policy.

In terms of privacy protection, the European Commission has recently issued general rules on data protection that strengthens and regulates in the protection of personal data is stricter and more effective. However there are still many companies victims of cyber attacks and was even estimated a rise of computer violations, precisely because of devices and always-connected systems that make the security of the most vulnerable companies and expose it to password theft, confidential information, data of users, leak, computer intrusions.

In this context, the investigative agencies play a crucial role in identifying the perpetrators of cyber attacks and take action to protect and safeguard the privacy and assets of a company.

To achieve this end, the investigative agency uses professionals able to perform forensic investigations through analysis performed on any digital device able to analyze data and information hidden or deleted and to detect fraud, information theft, copyright infringement .

Thanks to forensic expertise is therefore possible to obtain information that are valid in court and allow us to ascertain whether the company is indeed in front of a computer crime that compromises the security and protection of sensitive data.