Phersei Investigations and Security offers a wide range of services on board ships and maritime safety services on the ground, which are articulated and diversify the planning of all security and investigation services to the response in case of emergency in the maritime and port security .

The maritime industries and shipping companies provide commercial services and vital transportation transporting large numbers of people and goods every day. 
Ensuring the safety of port facilities, cargo ships, terminals and cruise ships requires security services, intelligence and highly specialized security.

Maritime security requires a series of specific services related to access control, screening of passengers and goods, compliance with federal and international regulations, and incident response, investigation and reporting.

Phersei Investigations & Security is specialized in maritime and port security by offering a full range of services to meet the specific needs of the shipping and port industries.

Phersei Investigations & Security Group offers a wide range of security services on board security grounded boats and services including:

  • armed and unarmed guards in uniform
  • docks Control
  • goods in stock Protection
  • in storage container Control
  • loading and unloading phases Control
  • Operators of command and control centers
  • Refueling Services
  • enhancement of the crew Services
  • Surveys and Consulting
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Cargo Security

A rigorous training program, training and simulation of critical events ensures that the security personnel Phersei meets the highest standards in the industry. All resources are also required to undergo regular refresher courses according to particular requirements of the customer.

Phersei Ltd. meets the needs of its customers through a careful screening and personnel is via an specific training for the environmental monitoring of the sites. All resources are undergoing training courses that are based on advance planning, preparation for all the contingencies and critical events and an effective communication formula to guarantee a high level of awareness throughout the earthen structure or on board.

port security and maritime Phersei Services Group, entrusted to professionals.