At first the other party (or the interlocutor) chat sounds interesting and affable. Then, the ratio becomes more confidential at which point they begin blackmail in order to extort money. It is “sextortion”, English term for the request for money to avert the online publication of material that could compromise the reputation.

Do not click that link!

But the scams running online are varied. The web of swindlers will serve many gimmicks, such as ads for “bargain” prices of products that are known to have a certain price: accidentally clicking on a link or maybe accepting amazing offers, you end up in the network of fraudsters.

Same script as far as e-mail and phishing, ie illegal activities designed to embezzle confidential data.

Watch out for the “chains” of WhatsApp

I’m not immune to these phenomena even instant messaging applications like WhatsApp: you receive a message that describes any type of problem or proposal, to ensure that you provide personal information and sensitive thing to do absolutely.

The help of a detective agency

The slogan becomes, therefore, stop and think before you do something you might regret. And if you fall into the trap, to denounce; but often because of fear or shame you do not have the courage to do it now. In these cases, the support of a detective agency can be really important.

Agencies like Phersei, for example, boast a highly professional staff, with experience also in the police, who can help you emerge from the tunnel of blackmail or a scam indicating what to do and how to behave. And, also in the case of Phersei, while also providing a guidance service – through its Observatory – for those who need to address issues of this type, they do not know where to turn.